Sonera Game Studio
Based in Minas Gerais, Brazil

Release date:
April, 19 2017

PC, Linux


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Battle for Enlor is a turn-based tactical combat game. Demons, Undead and the most terrifying creatures are taking over the kingdom and is up to you to assemble a party to defeat them! Join forces with over 8 unique characters and battle the most powerful foes you have ever faced!

With a focus on combat only, Battle for Enlor offers to the player a wide variety of battles, where your strategic thinking will be put to test! This game won't go easy on you. Boss patterns and weaknesses will not be told in a tutorial, it's up to the player to figure it out by observing enemies' moves and descriptions.


Battle for Enlor development started in May, 2016. The game was intended to be a portable board game: few to no pieces and small cardboards, but it took a different direction. Moving to a digital game allowed a deeper exploration of systems and mechanics and, even though it made the whole thing a lot more complex, it allowed to explore the strategic thinking to its fullest.


  • Over 8 unique characters and countless party combinations. Find the most appealing strategy for you!
  • Six unique bosses with epic soundtrack.
  • Campaign Mode: Defeat and unlock new bosses!
  • Survival Mode: fight bosses in succession to put your abilities and strategies to test!


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About Sonera Game Studio

Sonera is an one man indie game studio committed to create fun and (mostly) challenging games! Find more info about projects and dev diaries in our website: soneragamestudio.com.br

Battle for Enlor Credits

Lucas Izumi
Game Designer, Programmer

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